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I was a couple years late to the party and probably should have had my lesbian card suspended; I had yet to watch Chely Wright’s courageous story to live her truth. So, I finally watched it and am absolutely astonished at the beauty and strength in this woman’s soul. This documentary was a three year project of raw emotion and vulnerability. The fears that Chely faced were both public and private, and the repercussions impossible to fully prepare for. But through it all, she knew that it was time to defy gravity.

My path was different than Cheryl’s but the journey was so familiar that my heart hurt: the constant battle between accepting and denying the uncontrollable feelings and emotions; the years of self-loathing; and the isolation. Pretending to be who you were expected to be until you just can’t face it one more day. And realizing you have a choice; die alone on the floor or get up and live.

Thank you Chely. Thank you for being an advocate for the younger generations.  And thank you for not being a Looney nut-job.

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I am a sucker for post-apocalyptic movies like Mad Max, The Postman, and Waterworld. I find the genre fascinating and exciting; survival tactics, ingenuity, and determination. In these settings, there is no place for the weak or timid, but being strong doesn’t have to mean total domination; enter the “reluctant hero”.

In “The Gunfighter & The Gear-Head”, Cassandra Duffy has skillfully blended lizard aliens, wild-west gun fights, steam-punk blimps, cults, and lesbian romance drama into an exciting adventure using wit and well developed persons and places. Provided glimpses into their lives pre-invasion, the reader is able to connect with the characters as real people and become invested in their survival post-invasion.

Cassandra has a sarcastic sense of humor that translates well to her characters. “If I get lynched for being a scientist, Buddhist, lesbian, witch, don’t blame me.” Being able to successfully capture so many aspects of humanity is a rare talent, especially in the lesbian genre. I look forward to many more stories from this author.