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Women have made great strides over the decades; demonstrating physical strength and endurance as well as academic aptitude. We have earned the right to fight in combat situations, investigate homicides, and drive big-rigs.

It is empowering to watch fantasy and sci-fi genres embracing these advances. Take Jean Grey from X-Men as an example. A strong and intelligent character, second only to Professor-X himself; telepathy, telekinesis, and an eidetic memory?!? With this combination she is capable of nearly anything.

Let’s not forget the impact Xena Warrior Princess has had on the world. While a huge icon in the Lesbian community, Xena broke down many walls in the world of mythology. For centuries male gods and demi-gods dominated and victimized humans, until Xena exposed their fallibilities.

And then there is Daenerys Targaryen Stormborn, Mother of Dragons, Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea. She is the epitome of strength; she gathers an army of loyal men not by blood and force but with truth and freedom.

As pivotal as each of these magnificent women have been, I feel there is one bad-ass chic that paved the way with blood, sweat and grease for all the others; Ellen Ripley. Without her, a LOT of bad stuff would have happened.

Who is on your list?