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I’m not really sure how to write a synopsis of this story, I wouldn’t know where to begin. Let’s see, there is this secret society that has infiltrated governments world wide, and for a hundred years (I think) they have had a extra secret agenda to find the lost city of Atlantis that the believe is under the Rock of Gibraltar… And also buried in the Antarctic…. and try to use its massively deadly security system they call The Bell to wipe out MOST of the human race, while doing experiments to find special people with a specific gene they call the Atlantis Gene in order to build a race of super humans that can kill the sleeping Atlaneans. Toss in some stasis tubes, autistic children, ape-men, the spear that pierced the side of Jesus Christ on the cross, and a whole lot of other crazy stuff and you have a heck of an adventure!!

I think I really liked this book. I think i liked it a lot. I’m not totally certain because I’m not sure I really picked up on everything that was happening. I like to think I’m generally pretty quick on the uptake…but I feel like I missed stuff. And then I got to the end and took a huge breath, letting it out slowly….it felt like it was the first time I had breathed since beginning the adventure, and I realize THIS IS THE FIRST IN A SERIES!?!

A.G. Riddle has packed a crazy adventure into this book and I will absolutely be reading the next in the series….but I need to go read a comic book or something to decompress.