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The Batman Arkham Knight book by Marv Wolfman is the novelization of the video game which released in June of this year. I’m not sure which is more geeky, playing video games or reading books about them. Either way, I accept my status in the geekdom. So anyway, Marv wrote this book capturing all of the gameplay in novel format, and much more. You get inside Batman’s head in a way that you can’t experience playing a video game, you feel the depth of his fears and desperation to save lives. This is not your parents’ Batman story, people are dying in Gothem City and Batman is losing control.

The Joker is dead, but his legacy continues; he has infected Batman with his blood which is changing Batman and driving him mad. Jonathan Crane, aka the Scarecrow, has developed a fear-inducing toxin that he plans to spread across the city. Those infected are terrified beyond all reason, and will do anything to escape the terrors they see…including tearing each other apart. Lives are being lost in vicious attacks. And then there is the Arkham Knight, working with the Scarecrow but with a vow to be the one to kill Batman; this mysterious figure knows everything about Batman, from his identity and history to the way he fights and all his weaknesses.

Just another day for Batman. But it’s not just another day. It is the worst day of his life.


This Batman story is exciting and tragic. A must read for any Batman fanatic.