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Posted: August 10, 2013 in Movies
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The year is 2154, and the classist gap has extended to about 10,000 miles (I am totally guessing, I have no concept how far away that thing is); the haves and the have-nots. Life is perfect and stress-free for the haves up in the orbiting station of Elysium while the have-nots still on Earth struggle to maintain a collective and productive society.

I would be interested in some sort of prequel depicting the conception of Elysium and selection of the residents. I’m sure it must have been a time of strife and turmoil on the surface of Earth. I font necessarily think it needs to be a movie, perhaps a graphic novel by Dark Horse?

It was a little surprising to me everyone speaks multiple languages, no matter the status. Perhaps that is part of the future; there will not be a universal language, instead everyone speaks every language.

I enjoyed the fusion of post-apocalyptic style of society on Earth and the sterile, futuristic technologies of Elysium. I was down with the physical and neural implants Max (Matt Damon) received, but I would have enjoyed a little more of a tour of what all those implants gave him; it didn’t really seem to hive him that much more of an edge, actually he seemed slowed down a bit…except the computer brain thing which I totally want.


All that being said, we give this 3 1/2 thumbs out of 4. It was really good. And if you plan to see it at all, I recommend seeing it in the theater. The fights were seriously awesome, Max was the underdog the entire time, which make the excitement more intense.



Posted: August 6, 2013 in Movies
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Piranha + Anaconda?!? Sounds like a GREAT movie right? Well it wasn’t. In my cheesy SciFi movie grade book this one gets a D-.

First of all, where did this thing come from? It’s just there; giant and pissed off. Supposedly it’s some kind of a local tale, but a whole heck of a lot of white people see, and get eaten by, this thing in the remote Brazilian jungle to be some hidden local creature. We need the fake techno-bable mutation that created this thing. OR the bad historical data from where is has been in hibernation until some recent event awoke it.

Second, the main dude’s dad was killed by this thing and so he is on a mission to….steal an egg? He should be wanting revenge!!what kind of son is he?

And finally, you can’t just toss in random … what were they … drug cartel? … to bring I don’t even know what they were there for.

OK, I love junk science fiction movies; but the writing needs to be sarcastic and witty.

Europa Report

Posted: August 4, 2013 in Movies

I have been looking forward to Europa Report for some time now. A crew of astronauts leave Earth on a journey  to study Jupiter’s 4th moon; endless possibilities on the trip and studying the moon. I had hopes that this would be like The Abyss in space; and it almost was, but it so wasn’t. I rented it through Amazon, so at least I got to:
a) multitask doing laundry and playing games on my tablet;
b) be comfortable in my PJs;
c) it only cost $6.99 for 2 of us to watch it.

I did watch the whole thing, and I am glad I did because the last 10 minutes were what I was hoping to see throughout the movie. I was completely detached from these characters; the writers, the director, whomever it was, failed to let me connect with any of the characters which left me apathetic.

I was disappointed.

When fantasy novelists begin to develop new lands, characters and cultures is there a voice that is associated? As an avid reader, part of the enjoyment of escaping to a different land is forming the people that live there…and this typically includes an accent or dialect for a particular group. A good author can set a foundation for the unusual and interesting, but I also pick up on certain clues about a race or region that help to influence the way they speak.

However, it seems accepted for newly imagined lands to adopt accents commonly associated with the British Isles in the mundane world when pen and ink are given life on the screen.  I thought I would toss out a few of my silly imaginings.

Game of Thrones character Ygritte is from Beyond the Wall and  frequently says “You know nothing, Jon Snow” in the actress’s Scotish dialect. But what if Ygritte’s people sounded more like my family in Canada: “Jon Snow, towel off ya hoser.”


Prim and proper android C3PO was built by an 8 year old slave on a desert planet; pieced together by scraps of trash. I really just don’t think he would have received his voice box coding from Prince Henry. I would expect something a little more vulgar and course…more Klingon! Wouldn’t that be funny? A Star Wars droid with a Klingon speech pattern. “Sir, the possibility of successfully navigating an asteroid field is approximately 3,720 to 1.” Would be more like “Nerf-herder! You’re going to kill us all!”


What about a village full of loud and proud Boston Hobbits like Frodo at Bilbo’s party exclaiming “This pahty’s a wicked pissa!”


How likely is it that you walk through a magic closet and all the weird and new creatures you meet talk the same way you do? Probably not very…i mean what can those odds really be…in real life…. Anyway, what if these British kids in Chronicle of Narnis walk through a magic closet to maybe some Rastafari shouting at them.


OK, this isn’t even a fantasy.…this is a REAL place and STILL with the accent! Why? Just…why?


Well, these are just a few of my thoughts. Do you have any?

Happy Birthday Dame Helen Mirren

Posted: July 26, 2013 in Movies

Happy Birthday Dame Helen Mirren! I am honored to share your birthday month.  I hope you have a great birthday!


Watching The Reef on Netflix today ignited my “what would I do” imagination. Ten miles out to sea from one of the 900 islands in the Great Barrier Reef a yacht capsizes leaving 5 young men and women bobbing in the water. They manage to scramble on top of the flipped boat and begin to assess their situation. A visible hole in the hull makes it clear that they won’t be afloat for long. They have a choice to make; stay with the boat and pray rescue comes before the boat sinks; or make the 10 mile swim to the island. Watch the movie to see what they chose.

Now, what would I do? I absolutely believe that doing nothing will get me nothing. So now that my mind is made up to swim 10 miles against the current in unknown waters, I want to increase my odds of survival. With the yacht still floating, I believe there may be air pockets inside to allow me to search for and salvage anything useful. First and foremost on my wish list is bottled water; 10 miles doesn’t sound that bad but it is going to be rough. Next, I am formulating a plan to make a raft that will get me out of the water so I am looking for buoyant objects I can use. Knowing that each minute I stay inside collecting items the current is pushing me farther from the island, I don’t want to dilly dally but I do want to be logical.

Back outside the boat it is vital I remain calm; it would be easy to panic but that is just wasted energy. Time to build my raft using the items I salvaged and I feel it is worth a look at hull of the boat; is it possible to cannibalize any of it for the raft or an oar? Building a raft doesn’t need to be fancy or complicated. I just need to get my whole self out of the water; hopefully with a bottle of water, a makeshift oar, and possibly a scrap of clothing to cover my head from the scorching sun.

Ten miles is going to be hard work, and risk of sharks is a valid fear. Hopefully keeping my legs on the raft and not wiggling as bait will get me safely to shore.

What about you? What would you do?

I was a couple years late to the party and probably should have had my lesbian card suspended; I had yet to watch Chely Wright’s courageous story to live her truth. So, I finally watched it and am absolutely astonished at the beauty and strength in this woman’s soul. This documentary was a three year project of raw emotion and vulnerability. The fears that Chely faced were both public and private, and the repercussions impossible to fully prepare for. But through it all, she knew that it was time to defy gravity.

My path was different than Cheryl’s but the journey was so familiar that my heart hurt: the constant battle between accepting and denying the uncontrollable feelings and emotions; the years of self-loathing; and the isolation. Pretending to be who you were expected to be until you just can’t face it one more day. And realizing you have a choice; die alone on the floor or get up and live.

Thank you Chely. Thank you for being an advocate for the younger generations.  And thank you for not being a Looney nut-job.

Check out this video on Hulu!