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Darkhorse Graphic Novel

Script by Haden Blackman

Art by Brian Ching, Bong Dazo and Wayne Nichols

Lettering  by Michael Heisler

Coloring by Michael Atiyeh

Editing by Randy Stradley

Based on the video game by the same name, the Star Wars the Force Unleashed graphic novel is the story of Starkiller’s apprenticeship to Darth Vader.  Found by Senator Bail Organa and Captain Eclipse two years before the Battle of Yavin deactivated and nearly destroyed, buried in the snow on Corellia, Starkiller’s training droid, Proxy, narrates the story. 

As a secret apprentice to Darth Vader, Starkiller’s whole existence was spent learning the ways of the Sith and accepting assignments to hunt down Jedi that escaped Order 66.  Proxy was with the apprentice for every training session, for every exercise, and for every assignment.  With this knowledge Senator Organa is able to piece together Starkiller’s motives and last moments…and the birth of the Rebellion.

Even if you aren’t a gamer and have never played The Force Unleashed this is a FANTASTIC saga in the Star Wars universe.  While this story is told in a full length novel (which really surprised me how well written and enthralling it was, especially since it was based on a video game), there’s just something about seeing really great art put to story that enhances the episode.