I am a self-proclaimed bibliophile. I love books.  I love to read them, talk about them, and write about them.  I love all kinds of books, mostly fantasy, but I also love science fiction and historical fiction. I’ve even been known to read some non-fiction and westerns, and yes…romance when they also cross over into the historical fiction realm. 

My resolution for the year was to read more and eat less…yeah…well there’s always next year. 

Please visit, read my discussions, comment and leave your own discussions and recommendations.  Share how much a book meant to you, or how much you disliked a work.

  1. Ken Eason says:

    Your blog looks great.

    Our company has been representing authors for the past twenty years.
    We would love to add you to our database to receive press releases
    from them regarding books applicable to the genres you review.

    Thank you in advance,

    Ken Eason
    Bostick Communications

  2. amediablogger says:

    Hey Storey, you are a versatile blogger and I have given you the versatile blogger award. Please follow this link for the information


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