Dark Places by Gillian Flynn

Posted: March 10, 2015 in Books
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The next item on my reading challenge has been completed: A book that became a movie. Gillian Flynn’s novel Dark Places has been turned into movie staring Charlie Theron, but I can’t find a release date.


I first read Gillian Flynn’s third novel, Gone Girl (published in 2012), last year as a book club read and found it quite an exciting, and twisted, mystery. When we were looking for an audio book to listen to for a VERY long road trip, we found that Dark Places was available on Audible and decided it sounded interesting. We chose wisely. What a great story!

Seven year old Libby survived the brutal killing of her mother and two older sisters; her older brother, Ben, was charged with the murders and has served 24 years in prison without ever saying a word in his defense. For years Libby was passed around from relative to relative, never really learning how to function in life. As a 31 year old, she has depleted a charity trust-fund that had been set up from donations by strangers from across the country that felt bad for poor little Libby. Faced with having to get a job, but possessing no skills, she finds a way to make some money off her tragic story…and uncovers the truth about what happened on that horrible night so long ago.

Gillian Flynn has created a tragically flawed character in Libby that both makes you want to shake her and hug her. It is easy to understand why she is the way she is: detached, socially immature and in denial.  But there are times that cannot be rationalized away, when she is irresponsible, aggressive and steals stuff. She steals all the time…salt and pepper shakers, used lipstick, just random stuff for absolutely no reason.

The novel jumps back and forth from present day to events that happened in the past, as well as changing character points of view; each chapter is clearly labeled when and who, but this switching can be difficult for some readers. I happen to enjoy this style as opposed to a more linear approach.

I would definitely say that I enjoy Gillian’s writing style, and would absolutely recommend this book to all of you. She is dark and witty and has revived my interest in mysteries.


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