Blackcollar by Timothy Zahn

Posted: January 31, 2015 in Books
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Another 2015 Reading Challenge met: A Popular Author’s First Book. Who determines whether an author is “popular?” This challenge seems a little subjective to me, and I decided that Timothy Zahn is a very popular author in the sci-fi world. From what I found Blackcollar is Zahn’s first novel; published in 1983.

The crux of the story is a group of specially trained military humans are undertaking an underground resistance mission against the ruling alien force, the Ryqril. These men have been trained in hand-to-hand combat, undergone intensive psychological conditioning, and have been treated with a drug that increases their speed and strength. These men are lethal weapons.

First novels can be rough; the author hasn’t really found his/her voice yet. Blackcollar was entertaining, if unpolished. This the first novel in a trilogy, but I don’t think I will be picking up the other 2.

I read this in eBook format from Amazon and it was riddled with errors. I didn’t really get too hung up on these, it just made me wonder if books go through the publishing process when they are migrated into eBook form.

I actually met Timothy Zahn once at a comic-con and he signed my copy of the graphic novel Mara Jade: By The Emperor’s Hand.


Timothy Zahn andmr


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