Gone Girl the movie

Posted: October 4, 2014 in Movies
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Earlier this year I reviewed Gillian Flynn’s book Gone Girl. You can check it out here. Well, Gone Girl the movie opened this weekend … And it was GOOD!! I give it the same 5 shiny, twisted stars I originally gave the book. Ben Affleck was an absolutely great Nick Dunne, but Rosamund Pike was the perfect Amy Dunne.

There had been rumors that they changed the ending, and I feared the worst. But put your fears to rest…they maintained the high level of twisted psychopathy captured in the novel. Just when you think “wow, that was nuts”… It gets even nuttier!

Go! Go tomorrow!

  1. I went the backward route and upon possession of the book found the movie on line and accidentally clicked on watch or rent. I had twenty-four hours to watch it, so I did. The movie was very good, of course, but the word you used “twisted” describes the entire movie. Some reviewers say the movie sticks to the book. I will soon find out. For me, the movie had such a bizarre ending.

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