A little more about literary me

Posted: August 29, 2014 in Misc

I posted a few questions and answers from 55 Bookish Questions list that I found. You can find the first set here. So I thought that I would give you a few more.


13. What is your reading comfort zone: A large portion of the pleasure I get from reading is the ability to escape the here and now.  So that obviously lends itself to the SciFi and Fantasy genres. I know those are two very different categories, and I enjoy them both dearly for very different reasons. SciFi is almost an educational escape into a world of fiction. Each author has spent time to create technology that is fascinating to imagine. Fantasy is a chance to check disbelief at the door and conform to whatever magical or mystical world the author has crafted. But I also really enjoy Historical Fiction. History itself fascinates me, so when authors can take the few pieces we know about a certain event or figure and develop it out into a living breathing story…I can easily get lost in that world.

14. What’s your policy on booklending: I believe that books are meant to be shared and appreciated.  I have converted to paperless ebooks, but occasionally I will pick up a paperback that someone has passed on to me exclaiming “you HAVE to read this book!” With ebooks, the lending process is a little more difficult, and less personal. But back in my library building days I was absolutely okay with book lending.  A character just sitting on my shelf collecting dust is sad and lonely.

15: What will inspire you to love a book: Wow, I never really thought about the qualifications a book needs to meet. It just has to have that…something. I think it starts with the effort and passion of the author, because it shows in the crafting of the characters and the developement of the story. I also appreciate a book with a story arc that is evident throughout, even with unexpected twists, and doesn’t get lost on tangents just to fill pages. But most of all, I need to connect with the characters. I don’t need 4 pages of what they look like straight off the bat; a good author can build it into the context of the story. But more than that, it’s the character of the character that matters…who is this person and how have they come to be this person they are at this very moment that I am meeting them.  When an author can create a character I call a friend, that is something truly special.

16: Favorite reading snack: I am an equal opportunity snackist. Although not too often (read that as never) will I pick carrots or cauliflower as my snack of choice.

17: How do you feel about giving bad/negative reviews: I give honest reviews.  Every author put a lot of hard work into their book, some more than others and sometimes it shows. When I give a negative review it is solely based on the book and nothing to do with the author personally. I don’t know that person, it might be the best work they could possibly do and if so…perhaps writing isn’t the field for them.  Or my honest review may make them realize that they could have done more research, or spent a little more time polishing some rough edges. Of course I would love to give great reviews because that meant that I really enjoyed the book…quite selfish really.



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