I Return

Posted: August 23, 2014 in Misc

I realize that I have been amiss in my writings for quite some time, and have as such lost many of you. I have recently taken up with a great group of literary folks on Bookkaholic where they have allowed me to publish articles on book reviews and author interviews. It has been a great experience that I have truly embraced. You should really go and check it out, we have gathered a great team of writers on the Bookkaholic staff.

But something that I have realized in my writing of these literary articles, I miss writing about my random thoughts: zombie apocalypse prepping, graphic novels, great new tv for geeks…whatever.  So I have decided that yes, I do want to keep writing my blogs along with writing articles for Bookkaholic.

So here I am, I have returned to you my readers.

The Lord Of The Rings The Return Of The King-02

  1. 210Darryl says:

    Funny, I recently just returned from a long hiatus myself. Must be something in the air…

  2. Maria says:

    Welcome back.

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