Is there a Fire Tutor in the House?

Posted: March 15, 2014 in Post Apocalyptic
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Whether you are trying to start a campfire for s’mores or to fend off hypothermia in the midst of a post-apocalyptic nuclear winter, knowing how to start a fire and keep a fire going are super-duper important. This weekend I was awakened to how little I know about starting, building and tending to a fire. I fear for my, and my family’s, survival should a fire become a necessity and not a luxury. I need a fire tutor, so any advice you may have would be incredibly helpful.

Here are a few tips I picked up. These tips may seem like common sense to you, but I suppose sense isn’t common if you were never exposed to it before, eh?

Lesson 1 is in Preparing
Do not get excited and just jump right into trying to get a little bit of tinder lit, because you will burn through it faster than you think and then you’re screwed. Collecting the little twigs and branches is incredibly important; and when you think you have enough keep collecting. Take the time to break the branches down so they can easily be fed into the fire.

Lesson 2 is in Preventing
When a storm is moving in, cover the wood.

Lesson 3 is in Patience
Fire is a chemical process, the flame is just the visible portion of this process but of course this is what we all really want out of our campfires. The flame, though can’t do it’s flame-y thing when you keep poking at it. So just stop poking at it.

I don’t expect to learn how to start a fire with friction, or how to carry an ember across country. But I would like know how to keep a nice little camp fire going.


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