Timebound (The Chronos Files) by Rysa Walker

Posted: January 15, 2014 in Books
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Let me start by saying Rysa Walker was the 2013 winner of Amazon’s Young Adult Breakthrough Novel for Timebound (The Chronos Files). Which says a lot of the right people enjoyed it. I am not one of those people…and that’s just fine. I felt that there were several great plot ideas that could have produced a really great science fiction novel had they been fully developed. Unfortunately, it was just a bunch of semi-interesting ideas with no weight behind them.  Like when you take a bunch of pixi sticks and you dump them into a bowl and mix them all up, all you taste is sweet because the flavors get all muddled up and you can no longer tell one from another.

Pixi Sticks

Too many GREAT ideas leads to not a single good idea.

Kate Pierce-Keller is like any other teenage girl in high school, until she isn’t normal any longer.

I love that authors are still reaching out to engage the teenage mind through words. In this time of video game stimulation, reading can feel slower paced. Teenagers want to live an adventure with a character they can relate to ; we all witnessed the Twilight phenomenon with Edward Cullen and Bella Swan amongst our children (and plenty of adults). But I find that there is a fine line between writing a teenage character, and writing an adult’s image of a teenage character. Adults tend to look at teenagers a certain way, and this can carry over into the writing if the author doesn’t successfully get into the head of the character.

I am happy that the author, Rysa Walker, was able to find a group to appreciate her vision and I wish her all the best.  But I only made it through about a quarter of the book before I decided I just wasn’t that into it.


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