The Wasteland Chronicles : Apocalypse by Kyle West

Posted: November 30, 2013 in Books
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A meteor has landed in North America, sending thousands of our top scientists, government officials and various other lucky citizens under ground into one of the 144 bunkers spread across the country. Life inside the bunkers was structured, regimented, and controlled. Life outside the bunkers was Hell on Earth. Until the day a strange virus was brought into bunker 108, the day Hell entered Alex Keener’s bunker.

At 16 years old, Alex is forced to see and experience horrors he never knew existed. Kyle West does an excellent job of portraying the terror and loss Alex undergoes when everything he knew is torn apart….literally.

I love “end of civilization, gotta survive” stories. I’m a sucker for a good zombie virus. And Kyle’s first novel in The Wasteland Chronicles was no exception. I would caution adult readers of this genre that I feel the writing and general feel of the story is on level with the main character’s age of 16. If I found this book in a book store I would expect it to be in the Young Adult Science Fiction/Fantasy area. Absolutely nothing wrong with this, just making note of it.

I plan to continue this adventure….see what becomes of Alex Keener over the years.


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