I Wish Cookies Didn’t Taste So Good

Posted: September 30, 2013 in Health
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Let me give you the abridged version of the life long battle I have fought with food. I was “husky” in my tween years, a bit chubby but very active. As I aged out of playing backyard football and climbing trees I gained weight. I remember one time, around the age of 15, I was on a diet along with my mom and grandmother. I had reached the second week of tuna, cottage cheese and….beets…and was allowed 10 little pretzels. I had never tasted anything as good as those pretzels.

In my late teens and early 20s I was single, lived on my own, cooked for myself, and worked at a company with an on site gym and pool. It’s easy (alright alright, EASIER) to become a gym rat under those conditions. I took aerobics classes, worked out on the machines and free weights, I played volleyball and basketball, and I swam. When I left I could make up a little tuna and call it a night. I was fit and lean.

And then in my mid 20s I was sidelined with a heart condition. I had to begin taking medications, I had surgeries, more medications, and no gym. I gained weight, and more weight, and more.

I continue to fight this battle; somewhere inside me there is still a 20 year old begging to go to the gym. In a single breath I could give a dozen excuses why I continue to gain weight. But boiling it all down, I am left with the truth; which is cookies are too damned good.

  1. Monica Storey says:


  2. amediablogger says:

    Cookies are delicious. A health condition can have a major impact on our health. The meds can also cause weight gain. I can relate to this post in a big way. Have you spoken to you dr about this weight gain issue? Can he/she advise you on weight management? I’ve been on oral steroids for my asthma and this causes significant weight gain. My Dr’s have been very useful advising me how to mqmanage my weight and health. Good luck to you.

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