A Not-So-Comprehensive Look at “Murder, She Wrote”

Posted: September 29, 2013 in My Matrix
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For 12 years Jessica Fletcher was cursed; no matter where she found herself, bodies were sure to appear. Whether she was in Cabot Cove on the east coast or L.A. on the west coast, Ireland, Italy, or Russia, death followed Jessica. For 259 episodes friends, family members, and complete strangers would fall victim to murderous plots, waiting for Jessica to lead us all to the truth.



Throughout the seasons Jessica’s main occupation was murder mystery author, which apparently temporarily qualified her for other occupations: archeology, undercover investigation,  football team  manager, filling in for a congress person was probably my favorite temporary job. But through it all, she wrote countless novels. The most famous being “The Corpse Danced At Midnight” which recurred multiple times in multiple formats. This, and other Fletcher titles, we adapted into movies, board games, virtual reality video games, children’s books, plays and even puppet shows. Talk about success.

When a show kills one character and arrests a second in every episode, the revolving door at the casting office never slows. Many recognizable faces appeared in episodes over the years, some even reappearing in other episodes as different characters. It seems that appearing on a “Murder, She Wrote” episode was the first step into a career in television.



I am an old soul, and this is reflected in my love of this show. Yes, it’s campy and predictable but even 20 years later it maintains a refreshing charm that I continue to adore. I decided to watch each of the 259 episodes and appreciate them.

  1. jokelly65 says:

    I was always surprised that the FBI didnt eventually arrest Jessica, on suspicion of offing her friends and framing others so she could have plots for her books LOL.

    after a while I would have thought her friends would drop her like a hot rock, knowing her friends get murdered and framed on a regular basis. LOL “oh no sorry Jessica, I will be out of the country for the next ten.. no twenty years for work. so sorry you cant come visit me after all”

    seriously though, I have fond memories of spending time with my mom watching this show, and Matlock LOL thanks for the post.

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