Ice by Lyn Gardner

Posted: August 26, 2013 in Books
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Alex and Maggie.  Detectives. Lesbian Attraction; frustration; denial; semi-plausible set of circumstances thrusting them back together into terrifying life or death isolation; super-sweet happy ending. Yep, Ice has it all…and that’s pretty much it.

The read is a nice easy fluff piece, unfortunately the characters are flat and a barely proposed plot props up the shell of a story. I don’t mind a quick read, I love them to cleanse the pallet from time to time. My issue with this story is there was actually the beginnings of a really great crime/action novel that happened to involve these two characters that struggled with their attraction, they could still end up in a cabin mid-blizzard and they can still have their sappy love story moments.

I might sound a little harsh, but I don’t mean to be cruel. I am being honest. I rarely read lesbian books for these very same reasons. Sarah Waters’ work is the epitome of plot and character development.

After reading this commentary on prologues, I will say that Ice has a great prologue. Effective in setting the place, introducing characters, and establishing the timeline.


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