Posted: August 23, 2013 in Books

A couple of months ago I reviewed WHODUNNIT: Murder in Mystery Manor; a companion book to the television show. While the topic centered around a psychopath killing off guests one by one, it was written in a light-hearted manner that made for easy reading.

Recently, the ABC reality competition series WHODUNNIT? aired here in the states; with the final episode airing on August 18, 2013.  Unlike in the book, the contestants knew they were coming to a competition, hoping to walk away with $250,000. One by one (and occasionally multiple) the murderer staged the death of one of the contestants; until there were two, the murderer and the lone survivor. Apparently there was a UK television version that aired between 1972 and 1978, I’m not sure how that game was played though.

Like the book, the show centered around death and survival, but in an almost childlike way…if that makes any sense. Contestants, knowing that this TV show isn’t actually going to kill anyone, scream and react to staged death scenes and scramble to solve riddles as if they are in actual danger. Most of the show is campy (Giles…just everything about him and his “stoic serious” tone), and totally developed for bubblegum entertainment. Yes, I watched it…on hulu plus…while doing other stuff.

I heard there is another book, so I wonder if that means there will be another series.




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