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Posted: August 13, 2013 in My Matrix
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I’m going back in time for this, but I wanted to continue sharing My Matrix.

I love football. I used to play backyard tackle football with the neighborhood boys all year round. Growing up in Pennsylvania, there was a lot of perfect weather for our games. But then there were the 3 or so months where the ground felt like concrete, snow was knee deep, and the frozen football could snap fingers. And we loved it.

Twenty + years later and I still love the game. Although now I enjoy the game in my cozy chair, not dodging tackles and getting grass stains. Through all these years I have been a Buffalo Bills fan; through the good and the bad, the ups and downs. My pride in being a fan remains strong.

I currently live less than 10 miles from Dallas Cowboys Stadium, and am determined to keep hold of faith in the Bills. I receive a lot of ribbing for it, but I will not abandon them.

At 34 years of age I FINALLY saw my Bills in person when they played the Cowboys.


The outcome of the game doesn’t matter half as much as the feeling that welled up inside me when I watch Buffalo take the field.


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