Posted: August 11, 2013 in My Matrix
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I’m going back in time for this, but I wanted to begin sharing My Matrix.

In August of 2011, my family experienced the great Northwest, and it was a-maz-ing. We were on a cruise ship and so each moment out on our balcony offered new, breathtaking sites; it was so unbelievably beautiful.


Coming from Texas, where “everything is bigger”, I was in constant shock at the size of the mountains and the expanse of the ocean. When we boarded the ship we couldn’t believe how big it was, a floating city! But this floating city was just a speck of ice next to these mountains.


Do you see the brown line just above the surface of the water in the picture above? The tide was out, and that line is the exposed mountainside. That “line” is 300 feet high. Yes, it is. No, I’m not lying.

Aside from the view being picturesque, the air was so clean and clear. None of us had any allergy or breathing issues. It was like breathing virgin air. I know we weren’t the first people there, but that is what it felt like. It honestly felt as though I was the first person to take a breath out there.


Can you imagine, just for a moment, living in this lighthouse?
Can you possibly imagine the quiet of the night?

They call Alaska “The Last Frontier”, and it really honestly is. This beautiful land really does exist, and I experienced it in My Matrix.

  1. okiewashere says:

    This is truly amazing. šŸ™‚

    I could imagine living in this lighthouse for a week. I have nothing against occasional solitude, however, after some days I would feel trapped.
    The quiet of the night is so intense that you can feel it.

    The photographs are awesome. The first one is my favourite. Thank you for sharing this journey!

    • RStorey says:

      I did not write this in my blog, but just around the corner of the light house was a docked sea-plane. I didn’t quite catch it on the photo because I had to run in and grab the camera.

      I could live without TV or cell service, but I need my internet!

  2. We live on such a mesmerising planet. The depth and breadth of nature truly is astonishing. We forget how small we are and it’s a joy to be reminded when you visit somewhere as spectacular as this. Beautiful.

    • RStorey says:

      That is so true. Most of us get so caught up in the daily chores that we forget there is more out there than the job, laundry, grocery shopping, Real Housewives… There is an ACTUAL real world out there that can change you forever.

  3. Beautiful photos. The scenery reminds me of Norway. šŸ™‚

  4. amediablogger says:

    I really enjoyed this piece. I still can’t believe that”line” is 300ft high! Amazing photos.

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