Posted: August 10, 2013 in Movies
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The year is 2154, and the classist gap has extended to about 10,000 miles (I am totally guessing, I have no concept how far away that thing is); the haves and the have-nots. Life is perfect and stress-free for the haves up in the orbiting station of Elysium while the have-nots still on Earth struggle to maintain a collective and productive society.

I would be interested in some sort of prequel depicting the conception of Elysium and selection of the residents. I’m sure it must have been a time of strife and turmoil on the surface of Earth. I font necessarily think it needs to be a movie, perhaps a graphic novel by Dark Horse?

It was a little surprising to me everyone speaks multiple languages, no matter the status. Perhaps that is part of the future; there will not be a universal language, instead everyone speaks every language.

I enjoyed the fusion of post-apocalyptic style of society on Earth and the sterile, futuristic technologies of Elysium. I was down with the physical and neural implants Max (Matt Damon) received, but I would have enjoyed a little more of a tour of what all those implants gave him; it didn’t really seem to hive him that much more of an edge, actually he seemed slowed down a bit…except the computer brain thing which I totally want.


All that being said, we give this 3 1/2 thumbs out of 4. It was really good. And if you plan to see it at all, I recommend seeing it in the theater. The fights were seriously awesome, Max was the underdog the entire time, which make the excitement more intense.


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