Posted: August 6, 2013 in Movies
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Piranha + Anaconda?!? Sounds like a GREAT movie right? Well it wasn’t. In my cheesy SciFi movie grade book this one gets a D-.

First of all, where did this thing come from? It’s just there; giant and pissed off. Supposedly it’s some kind of a local tale, but a whole heck of a lot of white people see, and get eaten by, this thing in the remote Brazilian jungle to be some hidden local creature. We need the fake techno-bable mutation that created this thing. OR the bad historical data from where is has been in hibernation until some recent event awoke it.

Second, the main dude’s dad was killed by this thing and so he is on a mission to….steal an egg? He should be wanting revenge!!what kind of son is he?

And finally, you can’t just toss in random … what were they … drug cartel? … to bring I don’t even know what they were there for.

OK, I love junk science fiction movies; but the writing needs to be sarcastic and witty.


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