Europa Report

Posted: August 4, 2013 in Movies

I have been looking forward to Europa Report for some time now. A crew of astronauts leave Earth on a journey  to study Jupiter’s 4th moon; endless possibilities on the trip and studying the moon. I had hopes that this would be like The Abyss in space; and it almost was, but it so wasn’t. I rented it through Amazon, so at least I got to:
a) multitask doing laundry and playing games on my tablet;
b) be comfortable in my PJs;
c) it only cost $6.99 for 2 of us to watch it.

I did watch the whole thing, and I am glad I did because the last 10 minutes were what I was hoping to see throughout the movie. I was completely detached from these characters; the writers, the director, whomever it was, failed to let me connect with any of the characters which left me apathetic.

I was disappointed.


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