The Things You Do When You Know You Really Should Be Writing

Posted: July 25, 2013 in Reblogged

This brought a smile to my face. We have all had projects and deadlines that we just can’t make ourselves focus on. I have done many a time, staring at the computer screen getting more and more fristreated at the assignment, and myself.

What if I actually allow myself to be distracted, do something else that I have been wanting to do. Then I can sit back down, not feeling that I have waisted time, but that I have used it elsewhere.

Colin M. Drysdale

I’ve been meaning to write a post about procrastination for some time, but I keep putting it off. Obviously that’s just a bad joke, but there is a serious point behind it. Procrastination has been the death of many a writing project.  You know you really should be doing your five thousand words for the day, or five hundred, or five, but you suddenly find you have a burning desire to do something more important instead.  Something like checking your emails for the third time in ten minutes, or looking to see whether any of your friends have changed their status on Facebook since this morning, or reading that new blog article that’s just been posted, anything other than actually sitting down and writing.

Unfortunately, modern technology means there’s a plethora of temptations just a click away, and it can take all your will power to keep your hands on…

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