Apocalyptic Event Happens When You Are On Vacation

Posted: July 24, 2013 in Post Apocalyptic
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You have the perfect escape plan. Your family has a well stocked bunker. Your odds of survival are higher than most of your neighbors and you sleep easy night after night for years.

You wake up one morning, excited for your family vacation to Disney and off you go. For 3 days you laugh and make great memories. And then “it” happens. You are stuck in Florida with sunscreen and flip flops.

What do you do?

Do you:
* try to get your family home to your own shelter and hope no one else has taken refuge in your bunker
Or do you:
* scrap all of your plans and scramble to survive where you are?

  1. Yvonne Storey says:

    You build a beach bungalow under some beautiful palm trees and live in Florida. Permanent vaca!

  2. If you live just down the road from Disney, no problem! Go home. Your chances of survival are better where you know everything like the back of your hand. However, if you live across the Atlantic Ocean (as I do), the best bet would be to stay put. Chances of getting home: zero. Chances of surviving in a different country, pretty slim too.

    It really depends on weighing up the risk vs the gain. There’s probably a mathematical equation out there that covers this ‘unfortunate’ set of circumstances.

    Your best chances of survival are at home, but not if the risk to get there is just too great.

    • RStorey says:

      Very true. I wasn’t even factoring in an overseas element. That could potentially make getting home safer (commandeer a yacht) which would help to isolate you from others; or increase your odds of failure to survive by knowing less about the area.

  3. cmdrysdale says:

    This is an interesting question. We had a little taste of this sort of thing a couple of years ago when the ash cloud from an Icelandic volcano closed the airspace over the UK for several weeks. It left people all over the place scramblig to get home any way possible. Of course, it all just an inconvienience rather than the end of the world, but it did show how reliant we’ve become on things like air travel to get us around.

    In a real apocalypse, if the planes stop flying you’re going to be pretty well stuck, along with thousands of others all scrambling to get home. This, I suspect, would mean that your best option would be to hunker down where you are until the initial furore dies down and then think about trying to get home if you find you still can/feel you’d really be better off there. Of course, if you still have family at home and you need to be with them, then you’re going to have to try no matter what.

    • RStorey says:

      There was something similar here in the states on 9/11 when they shut down all air traffic. I read a book about the people of Newfoundland opening their homes to people on flights that were forced to land. Likewise, it was not the end of the world, but we often forget that humanity might…just might…not break down, but rise above the chaos.

      • I would love to believe that humanity would somehow prevail. Most people are inherently good and when we see others in need, the majority of us would help. However, when the ‘s&%*’ hits the fan, I think a vast majority would turn primal – by which I mean they’d think about numero uno first and anything that threatens that survival would be eliminated. This leaves little room for niceties.
        Remove the rules of society, the infrastructure of modern life, and I have a horrible feeling we’d react ‘badly’, at least to begin with. As mentioned by cmdrysdale, once the initial furore dies down, we might find that humanity does prevail in the long term. We’re resilient, adaptive, cunning and resourceful. We’ve got the best chance of surviving an apocalypse compared to any other living creature on this planet, but it’s what we do to survive that determines if our humanity survives intact.

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