Holistic Healing

Posted: July 23, 2013 in Health
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I found a chiropractor that practices holistic healing, and I had my first visit yesterday. Every day I take a handful of pills and have alarms set on my phone to remind me to take them 3 times a day. All of these pills serve to help cope with, and suppress, one disorder or another. I even need to take one pill to counter a side effect of another pill. All of this, every day, day after day with no end in site. And so I began to investigate alternative healing.

Holistic healing tends to have a “snake oil” reputation; Americans  put their faith, health, and money in the hands of pharmaceutical companies far more readily than Eastern alternatives such as acupuncture and herbs. I believe this stems from a lack of understanding what alternative medicine is about.

A few common misunderstandings:
* it is a religion– Eastern, or alternative, medicine is not part of any religion. There no faith placed in any deity or being, it is exactly like going to your regular doctor. You may be Christian and your doctor may be Muslim, do you trust him/her any less?

* science has proven medical treatments work – Balancing energies through acupuncture and meditation is complementary treatment to Western Medicine. Often physical illnesses are a symptom of an imbalance in a lifestyle manifesting itself physically. As such, treating the symptom alone will not heal the patient.

* alternative treatment is practiced willy nilly by hippies in their spare room – alternative treatments such as acupuncture require school education, certifications, and licenses just as any other specialist like an psychiatrist or podiatrist. The place of practice is clean and sterile, as is any chiropractic office.

If you have never been chronically ill, or in pain, then the idea of seeking help outside of the family doctor is probably ridiculous and unnecessary. However, the more I investigate and step out of my comfort zone the more I believe the energies are tied to our physical being.

So, yesterday I had a spinal adjustment done with instruments, then decompression traction on my neck. This felt great, but looked like a torture apparatus; a sling was attached beneath my chin and hooked to a machine that…well…pulled for 20 minutes. After this was stimulated acupuncture which consisted of strategically placed tiny needles pulsing with electricity. After 20 minutes of this came cupping, which I had never heard of. Glass cups are briefly heated and strategically placed across my back creating a vacuum for 10 minutes…which left perfect purple circle hickies. I left feeling great. I would love to be able to do that every day. As it is, my next visit is Monday afternoon.

  1. Yvonne Storey says:

    Very interesting, Reach!

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