On this day in history…

Posted: July 18, 2013 in Misc


I was born into the great craze of Star Wars. Is it nature or nurture? I’m not sure. But the force is strong in me. I mean, I have a Star Wars wallet…yeah, seriously.

But I do know that today is my 36th birthday and I am actually happy! Year 35 was rough, lots of “stuff”…but I’m working through it and becoming a better person for it. I have been blessed with a wife who truly gets me; quirks and all. I have a son that accepts me, trusts me, and inspires me. I have parents who have shown me what compassion and selfless giving look like. And spreading my planetary rings are my in-laws who invited me into their family with smiles and hugs. And then there are my friends, both local and distant. Without all of these people, I would not have made it to this day.

But today is here and I am excited to see what year 36 brings; the challenges and adventures.


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