The Swamps of Sadness

Posted: July 9, 2013 in Health

As a child of the 80’s, and a bookworm to boot, a forever favorite movie of mine is The NeverEnding Story. Do you recall when Atreyu and Artax had to cross The Swamps Of Sadness? That is what depression is like. Every day you trudge along with happy healthy thoughts, and then the trudging gets tougher and the happy thoughts turn dark. Then, like the horse Artax, depression pulls you into the muck and the more you struggle the deeper you sink. You may have friends like Atreyu pulling for you, yelling and screaming, trying to drag you out of the swamp but they cannot do it for you, and you are just so tired.

I suffer from depression, but I am not depressed; it is not who I am. Some days I suffer more than others. But when I take my meds, and practice self-care, surviving can turn into thriving. I have days I stumble, but I have been developing the tools to help myself.
When things are going along smoothly and life is feeling peaceful, it is easy to let this routine slide, or ignore that tool for right now. And then, like diabetes responding to poor food choices, the depression begins to pull me back down into the Swamps of Sadness.

Some of my routines may seem mundane while other take effort.  They each have meaning to my level of self-care. I am not ashamed by any of my confessions, I know I am not alone. The logical me can watch my nightly routine, and if I skip brushing my teeth and washing my face, this should send off out warnings flags. Ignoring the mundane can quickly become the trigger for the Swamp of Sadness.

Today I stumbled. I hid in bed and slept, hoping the swamp would release me when I awoke. I realize that I have become lazy, I have let many important self-care tasks slide…sometimes I try to justify my inaction, other times I look the other way. And so I sank in the swamp, but I lay here tonight with great hopes for tomorrow.


  1. Monica Storey says:

    Well said. Very insightful. I love you with all that I am.

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