Is $500,000 worth keeping your mouth shut?

Posted: July 8, 2013 in Misc
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Whether or not you watch Big Brother is not important. The concept is a bunch of folks voluntarily live in a house with strangers and try not to get voted out. The big golden egg of $500,000 often leads folks to misbehave. One such person on the show this season is Aaryn, an immature 20-something female.

While being filmed constantly from hundreds of cameras and microphones Aaryn has repeatedly made derogatory racial, ethnic and sexual orientation remarks about her fellow house mates. Each time, the victim of her barb was not there to defend him/herself but there were several bystanders that just throw eyeballs at each other and pretend nothing just happened.

Now that you are caught up, I ask you…would you stay quiet and not rock the boat because you have your eye on the prize? Or would you call her out on it?

I could not listen to those slurs and chose to ignore them. I tend to be pretty diplomatic so it wouldn’t have to be a big huge deal but I would not let it go. I really think every one else around her is thinking about saying something, they are just too scared of being labeled a trouble maker.

There is no prize that could make me sell my integrity.


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