How Would You Survive based on The Reef – 2010

Posted: July 3, 2013 in Movies
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Watching The Reef on Netflix today ignited my “what would I do” imagination. Ten miles out to sea from one of the 900 islands in the Great Barrier Reef a yacht capsizes leaving 5 young men and women bobbing in the water. They manage to scramble on top of the flipped boat and begin to assess their situation. A visible hole in the hull makes it clear that they won’t be afloat for long. They have a choice to make; stay with the boat and pray rescue comes before the boat sinks; or make the 10 mile swim to the island. Watch the movie to see what they chose.

Now, what would I do? I absolutely believe that doing nothing will get me nothing. So now that my mind is made up to swim 10 miles against the current in unknown waters, I want to increase my odds of survival. With the yacht still floating, I believe there may be air pockets inside to allow me to search for and salvage anything useful. First and foremost on my wish list is bottled water; 10 miles doesn’t sound that bad but it is going to be rough. Next, I am formulating a plan to make a raft that will get me out of the water so I am looking for buoyant objects I can use. Knowing that each minute I stay inside collecting items the current is pushing me farther from the island, I don’t want to dilly dally but I do want to be logical.

Back outside the boat it is vital I remain calm; it would be easy to panic but that is just wasted energy. Time to build my raft using the items I salvaged and I feel it is worth a look at hull of the boat; is it possible to cannibalize any of it for the raft or an oar? Building a raft doesn’t need to be fancy or complicated. I just need to get my whole self out of the water; hopefully with a bottle of water, a makeshift oar, and possibly a scrap of clothing to cover my head from the scorching sun.

Ten miles is going to be hard work, and risk of sharks is a valid fear. Hopefully keeping my legs on the raft and not wiggling as bait will get me safely to shore.

What about you? What would you do?


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