The Queen’s Curse by Natasja Hellenthal

Posted: June 21, 2013 in Books
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A successful female military commander, a queen desperate to help her people, and magical lands. How could I possibly pass this up? Oh but I wish I had. I really wanted to enjoy this journey, I tried and tried but I frequently found myself thinking about the laundry or dishes that needed doing. So, I made it halfway before deciding I needed to move on.

I really could have enjoyed the story, but the storytelling lacked focus and polish. From poorly constructed sentences to incorrect vocabulary, Natasha Hellenthal needs to enlist the aide of a trusted beta-reader. Someone who can be critical and supportive, honest and constructive. I am very impressed with several original ideas, and feel this story has great potential with some work.

A guilty pleasure of mine is watching cheesy movies on SyFy. (There is nothing better on a hot Texas summer day than sitting in the air conditioning watching Debbie Gibson and Tiffany fight while giant pythons and alligators eat people.) I kept trying to picture this book as one of those horribly written movies with awful acting and corny computer graphics. But as the hours dragged into days I had to let it go.

  1. I won’t take this seriously as you cannot even seem to spell my name right! I have a feeling it might be possible you have picked up the first draft that went live by mistake in May, which is the rough version as more people have commented on the editing. You can easily update your Kindle with the flawless edited one that has been corrected months ago.

    I would also like to remind you that my debut novel ‘The Queen’s Curse’ is written in British English, as I seem to have to remind a lot of American and Canadian readers and never British readers, which says a lot! It has been edited by several editors and a couple of proofreaders; all British of course as I live in the UK!

    It has been rated 4 and 5 stars by many fellow serious Fantasy authors on and on my novel has been rated 4 and 5 stars only. It’s been called ‘Lyrical Fantasy’ by Epic Fantasy writer Rob Ross, author of ‘Juggler’s Blade’ and ‘Highly interesting Fantasy’, ‘A riveting read’ and ‘Great writing, real romance and well-fleshed out characters’ by other readers since.
    So if you kindly take the time to update and re-read this book you might actually find it to your liking and a page-turner and never cheesy (luckily I keep away from cheesy SF movies) (-:

    • RStorey says:

      Thank you for stopping by and checking out my review, even if you didn’t like it. I appreciate that this is your debut novel, and I congratulate you on being published. I sincerely apologize for misspelling your name; I thought I double checked it but looks like I still bungled it. I would (and will) HAPPILY give “The Queen’s Curse” another try.

      I am fine with “Queen’s English”; I wasn’t referring to spelling in my comment, but vocabulary choices. For example (unfortunately with ebooks we have lost page numbers), there is a sentence that reads “We could have extracted her to attention to you, couldn’t we?” And another “And he moved his athletic body to her in a gracious motion.” These examples may have been polished in the updated edition.

      I love to read, I love to talk about books, and I realize that what I have to say is my opinion. One of the reasons I enjoy sharing my opinion is for discussion, with other readers or with the authors. Telling me that other people think you are great does not change my opinion, that’s why it is my opinion and I just some gal with a free blog somewhere across the pond from you.

      By the way, you should give Sharknado a try; it’s gathering quite a following!

      • I appreciate that, thank you. Yes, those sentences have most definitely been corrected! My editor was crap to say the least and as a writer having read it so many times, you don’t see it any more! So I hired some good ones after, but I don’t have the funds to hire eleven as they did for Game Of Thrones! They go over every word, which is good, because every word matters, but the writer can afford that (mores the point the publisher).

        It would be a good idea if you give it another read in the future and not by looking for mistakes, but actually reading the content.

        Everyone is entitled to their opinion for sure, but I do think that if the gross majority enjoys my work, authors and readers alike, then that does say something important. When I buy a new book myself, I look at reviews and I don’t really care if there is the odd one that doesn’t like it. I want to find out for myself and form an opinion. We are all different and come from various backgrounds and experiences that have seemed to shape us and make up our preferences.

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