Mighty and Strong by Michael Wallace

Posted: June 16, 2013 in Books
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Mighty and Strong is the second installment in Michael Wallace’s Righteousness Series. An entertaining sequel to The Righteous, Jacob Christianson once again finds himself caught between protecting his religion and questioning it. When an FBI agent goes silent while undercover in an extremist end-of-the-world FLDS community, Jacob is asked to quietly make contact. Reluctant to get mixed up in another government operation against a polygamist group, Jacob realizes that his inaction could harm his own family.

Jacob’s spiritual search and resistance to conforming make him relatable; he is a good guy trying to find his path to God and support his family. Seeing his character struggle with self-doubt and insecurity¬† while trying to do good things in this world feels so familiar, so personal.

I really enjoyed Mighty and Strong, but I felt the big “thing”, the conspiracy plot, was really just meh. The climax scene was well choreographed and exciting, unfortunately the conspiracy was quite minor and so it left me wondering “what was Fear Not actually hoping to accomplish?”


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