Hidden Agenda by Peter Berman

Posted: June 14, 2013 in Books
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Law and justice are not always equal.  Laws are created to protect the majority, but justice is entirely personal. Jeremy Hart knew the law. Claire Carleton needed justice. In Hidden Agenda, you will find yourself asking “At what point is justice valid when the legal system is impotent?”

Peter Berman has created a silver screen worthy novel of crime, courtroom drama, twists and turns. How it was possible to keep me absolutely intrigued page after page and never truly reveal the end game is a credit to Berman’s genius. He has developed every character into a living, breathing person; from Jeremy Hart to the bailiff, every one matters. Every clue Berman has left, every intersection woven is vital to the tapestry of Hidden Agenda.

While there were some typos in the e-book version I read, they were not enough to detract from the battle of wits that takes place in this novel. From the first to the last page, Hidden Agenda rivals any of the works by John Grisham or James Patterson. This is absolutely a great read for fans of police and courtroom dramas like Law and Order.


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