The Tudor Plot by Steve Berry

Posted: May 28, 2013 in Books
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Steve Berry has written another catastrophe-averting adventure for his hero Cotton Malone. Using a somewhat alternate timeline to invent the British Royal family, Berry delivers a novella of political intrigue and murder. Cotton Malone is secretly recruited by the Queen of England to uncover a plot she fears is in motion to upset the line of succession to the established monarchy.

I typically enjoy Steve Berry’s fast paced action thrillers; however I wasn’t fond of this one. It might have just been me, I may have missed it, but I don’t know why he called this novella “The Tudor Plot”, since there was much more about the Arthurian legend. I also felt as if there were really two different ideas mushed into this one ebook, and I couldn’t truly find the connection between them. As such, I felt slightly disconnected from the characters and their personal struggles and wishes.

Because this novella is totally stand-alone, the reader doesn’t need any of Cotton Malone’s history to try this adventure out. Likewise, since it is totally stand-alone, the reader does not need to read this story to keep up with Steve Berry’s Cotton Malone series.


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