Scarpetta by Patricia Cornwell

Posted: December 26, 2010 in Books
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Sleezy petshops. Online college. Little people. Obsessive compulsive disorder. Celebrity gossip column. Kay Scarpetta impersonator. Dermatologist. Paranoia. Only Patricia Cornwell can tie these seemingly unrelated topics into one of the best Kay Scarpetta novels yet.

After disliking Trace, the last Kay Scarpetta novel I read, Cornwell won back my belief in this series with this book. Everything that Trace was lacking was perfectly executed in Scarpetta. The trail of clues were confusing but relevant.  All of the characters (both the main cast and supporting) were completely developed and their histories well defined.

Since 1990 Patricia Cornwell has come out with 18 mystery novels staring Kay Scarpetta. Scarpetta is the 16th installment in this series.  From first book to the most recent, we follow Kay Scarpetta through her life, and that of her on-again off-again boyfriend, then husband, Benton Wesley; homicide detective turned death investigator for Kay’s team, Pete Marino; and tomboy niece, Lucy Farinelli. Of the main cast, Lucy is my favorite character, at least in the later additions to the series.  When we were first introduced to her she was just a 10 year old girl, but she grows to be a strong, intelligent computer genius that worked for most of the major government organizations at one time or another before creating a search engine that she sells to those government organizations to monitor criminals.

I look forward to my next adventure in Patricia Cornwell’s world of murder and mystery.


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