Star Wars: Legacy of the Force: Exile

Posted: November 21, 2010 in Books
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Exile is book 4 in the Star Wars Legacy of the Force series.  Lumia informs Jacen that before he can complete his training he must chose a loved one to sacrifice. He takes some time to look within himself and discovers that his feelings for his parents are mixed.  He realizes that if he does still love them, he will have to sacrifice one of them, killing the other to prevent retaliation. If he in fact hates them, then he will kill them both to protect himself and the galaxy from their interference. Similarly, he is wondering if his sacrifice will be Ben.  He has sent Ben on a dangerous mission alone; convincing him to run away from his family in a search that leads him to Zoist, the Sith home world.  On this world, Ben meets, and learns how to fly “Ship”, the Sith training vessel that pops back up in the Star Wars Fate of the Jedi series; yet another tie in with that series.

“Jacen smiled. Causing people to think and feel what he wanted them to, even without resorting to the Force, was becoming easier and easier.” This line completely represents that Jacen has completely lost himself to the Dark Side.  When he first began, the manipulations made him uncomfortable but he was able to justify them as a means to an end.  At this point, he has actually begun to relish his superior control of the Force over others.  At this point, he actually feels evil to me.  His motives are less for the greater good, and more for his own advancement in the Galactic Alliance.


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