Capgras Syndrome and Star Wars

Posted: November 19, 2010 in Misc

Capgras Syndrome or Capgras Delusion – a disorder in which a person suddenly believes that a loved one has been replaced by an imposter.  Yes, this is a real disorder.  Does it sound familiar to any story lines I’ve posted in any of my blogs?  I just heard it on a season 12 episode of Law and Order SVU (Thank you Dr Wong!) where a mother believed that her daughter had been replaced by an imposter who looked identical to her daughter.  The Star Wars series Fate of the Jedi revolves around Jedi suddenly believing that everyone one around them has been replaced, and learning forgotten Force techniques. 

While real victims of this disorder don’t suddenly learn how to Flow Walk it’s incredibly crazy that something like that can be based on reality. I can’t even imagine what that must be like, believing that a loved one has been replaced; not knowing what happened to that loved one.  Scary!


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