“Funny how her cutting up people is respectable.” – Trace by Patricia Cornwell

Posted: November 14, 2010 in Books
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It’s been years since I’ve picked up a Kay Scarpetta novel, but Patricia Cornwell has the fantastic knack for keeping the characters familiar, no matter how much time has passed or what events have taken place in the intervening books.  Things happen in one book that change who the characters are in the following books, how they think and behave, but it’s easy to fall right back into their lives.  Cornwell fills in the necessary information without tedious spoon-feeding.

In Trace, Kay Scarpetta is called back to Richmond, VA after 5 years to assist in an investigation; for which the current Chief Medical Examiner is none-too-happy about.  The teen death that Kay is investigating has unusual ties to the accidental death of a construction worker at the demolition site of Kay’s former coroner office.  And then evidence ties the suspect, a former employee of Kay’s, to a stalking case Lucy (Kay’s niece) is investigating in Florida; her own stalker.

Like every Scarpetta novel, I enjoyed the mystery involved in this one.  Unlike others I have read, this one had more emotion; Kay hating the new Chief Medical Examiner, Marino desiring Kay and despising himself for it, and Lucy bitter for choices she has made. I wish there had been more suspense, more twisting turns, and more leading clues.  I was left unsatisfied. I feel as if several threads were left unexplained.  Like why was everyone getting sick? Or what does the reoccurring eye drawing mean?  I’m okay with things not always being neat and tidy. But if it was a theme that was important enough to reoccur, then I would like to understand why.

Overall though, it was an entertaining and quick read. I think I’ll pick up another one.  Made me miss Kay Scarpetta’s adventures.


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