Quintspinner A Pirate’s Quest by Dianne Greenlay

Posted: October 1, 2010 in Books
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In the first of what appears to be a series, Dianne Greenlay’s “Quintspinner A Pirate’s Quest” is a fantastic historical-fiction adventure, with a hint of fantasy thrown in.  This newbie author has created a wonderfully entertaining page turner filled with dark magical lore, murder, pirates and romance.  From the first page the reader is drawn into the tapestry of destiny that is being spun; each thread a fully developed and relatable character or event that influences Tess Willoughby’s once ordinary life. A naïve teen from the outset of the story, Tess’s dull life changes drastically from the moment she encounters an old crone and her mysterious spinning ring.

Dianne Greenlay has accurately and tangibly captured 18th century activities, portraying the difficulties of daily life in such a way that astounds the reader while simultaneously drawing the reader even deeper into the adventure.  From medical practices involving mercury to the pressing of children into service for the navy as ‘powder monkeys’, these activities seem so barbaric that it could easily disconnect the modern reader from the experience.  But Dianne Greenlay is able to maintain the tether connecting the reader to the story through the use of colorfully descriptive context, bits of commonly known historical references and communicative dialogue between an informed character and an uninformed character, thus educating the reader.

While the edition I read had multiple technical errors in the type (I am unsure if this problem resides with the editor or the publisher, not knowing the process that manuscripts go follow), none of it detracted from the experience. One feature that I found I very much appreciated was the short chapters.  After reading some fantasy novels where chapters contain dozens of pages, the brevity of each of Dianne Greenlay’s chapters made this novel easier to pick up and read during a spare minute or two.

A fast paced first installment into what looks to be an exciting series, Dianne Greenlay’s entrance into the literary world offers a fast and furious ride from the first page to the last. I eagerly await the sequels!


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