“Whatever this capstone says…whatever lost treasures this engraving might reveal…those secrets end tonight.” – The Lost Symbol

Posted: July 6, 2010 in Books
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In America’s relatively short history, one of the biggest mysteries our culture holds fast is what happens within our Masonic temples. It’s not a religion, but there are rites of passage.  It’s not a cult, but members are sworn to secrecy.  Members are proud to proclaim their Masonic memberships with automobile decals and rings, but would die before divulging any aspect of what goes on within meetings.  Which creates the mystery, and mystery breeds rumors and scandals: assassinations, kidnappings, and hidden wealth.

And so it is that we find Professor Robert Langdon once again caught in a life-or-death adventure of mystery and murder in Dan Brown’s latest thriller The Lost Symbol.  When a close friend’s severed hand appears in the Capitol Rotunda tattooed and wearing a Masonic ring, it is clear that someone is threatening the exposure of the deeply buried secrets of the Freemasons.

With each Dan Brown novel I finish, I am even more excited for the next installation.  While it is not necessary to read Dan Brown’s Langdon novels in order, it really does help to understand who Robert Langdon is and where he is coming from; his fears, his knowledge, his beliefs.  As each story builds upon these, while introducing new circumstances and thrills, every novel is non-stop cover to cover puzzles and action.

When I first heard that the newest Dan Brown novel was going to focus on the Freemasons I was ecstatic.  While I enjoyed Da Vinci Code, and loved Angels and Demons, the idea of the latest installation taking place on home turf, taking on American folklore, and tackling our myths had me busting at the seams to get my hands on this.  And as excited as I was, Dan Brown exceeded my expectations. I couldn’t put the novel down. 

What is your favorite Dan Brown novel so far?


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