“Lord, ye gave me a rare woman, and God! I loved her well.” – Outlander

Posted: July 6, 2010 in Books
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Historical-fiction meets romance.  Yes I said it, romance.  I shudder at admitting I read a romance novel. But when the breakdown of the story is Claire getting sucked through a portal in some rocks in Scotland shortly after WWII and finds herself 200 years in the past in the middle of a Scottish-English battle I absolutely simply HAD to read it; and was not disappointed at all. There was a lot of romance, which apparently I don’t mind in books when it’s not gratuitous.

Diana Gabaldon has created a world based on fact, but filled with fiction. Real battles where actual Scottish clans fought to keep the British army out of Scotland and real sites where actual Scottish clansmen fell in battle are brought to life with colorful characters like the heroic flaming-redheaded Scotsman Jamie Frasier and the dark and sinister British officer Jonathan Randall.  Love is in the air the moment Claire and Jamie meet, or was it gun powder?  Either way, Claire has a lot to think about considering that she’s already married to Frank Randall back in her real time…did I mention that Frank Randall is the direct descendent of Jonathan Randall?  And they look exactly alike?

Outlander is the first installation into Gabladon’s series of (currently) 7 Outlander novels. With her attention to detail the imagination is completely satisfied from cover to cover, playing out the novel as a Technicolor movie.  The action and the lulls are perfectly spaced, giving the reader enough time to recover from the last life and death encounter before being subjected to the next attempted rape. I don’t know how Gabladon can keep this level of intensity and action up for 7 books, but the first is a marvel.

Have you read any historical-fiction meets romance genre that you were shocked to admit enjoying?

  1. KDawg says:

    Diana Gabaldon is AMAZING. I was just thinking about re-reading the entire series, since it’s been some time and I want to get the newest one. 🙂

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