“Be careful what you wish for, Katarn – you might just get it.” – Star Wars: Dark Forces – Soldier for the Empire

Posted: July 5, 2010 in Books
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What I love about Star Wars books, novellas, and graphic novels is that (when officially authorized) they all link together, adding information and details to build upon the universe that George Lucas created.  Soldier for the Empire is no different.

The first entry into the Star Wars Dark Forces trilogy, William C. Dietz’s Soldier for the Empire follows Kyle Katarn from decorated Imperial Military Academy graduate to Rebel Alliance agent.  With artistry by Dean Williams, scenes of Katarn’s story are brought out of the reader’s imagination and into full color.

While I very much enjoyed this Dark Horse & Boulevard/Putnam novella, I found myself having a difficult time writing this blog, and I’m not exactly sure why.  Dietz’s writing drew me directly into the story, and Williams’ paintings were magical. Katarn’s dilemma between duty and revenge was classic in the Star Wars universe, and his assignment fills in previously unknown details.


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