Is it getting warmer in here?

Posted: June 11, 2010 in Books
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With Global Warming at the forefront of everyone’s minds, and the media propagating this fear, Michael Crichton has captured this fear mongering and turned the tables after researching facts and creating characters determined to expose the truth about a fictional environmental activist group in his novel State of Fear.  Crichton sets the reader on the path of an eco-terrorist group with plans construct dramatic actions that would appear as “Natural Disasters” to be used by the environmental activist groups to highlight the Global Warming effects on our world.  However, with every terrorist group, this is an opposing force.  In State of Fear, Crichton has collected a small but powerful group consisting of a wealthy philanthropist, George Morton, who was once a huge proponent of the environmental activist group before realizing what they were doing; Morton’s assistant Sarah Jones; Morton’s lawyer Peter Evens; and two international law enforcement agents posing as MIT researchers hot on the trail of eco-terrorists.  After Morton’s fatal crash and multiple threats and robberies, this crew jets all around the world attempting to sabotage the eco-terrorist group’s activities and try to discover who is at the head of this group.

As is typical with Crichton’s books, he has smoothly blended science and fiction in a way that doesn’t quite qualify as science-fiction, but tends more toward the action/suspense genre.  Crichton received much criticism for this work.  Some organizations stated that his research of their work was misused and thus misguided the audience…which is ironically what he was trying to impart organizations do throughout his novel. 

I am definitely a Michael Crichton fan, and this adventure lives up to his typical thrills.  There are no giant dinosaurs chasing you though the jungle, no apes to crush your skull, and no theoretical time machines sending you back into the center of a medieval war.  Instead, we are along for the ride to expose plots to manipulate the media, capitalizing on the State of Fear that the media can put society into. However, there are some very angry people determined to stop us.

What a great ride.  I am looking forward to reading Pirate Latitudes, his final book. Michael Crichton will be missed.


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