Reality? What’s really real? – Idlewild

Posted: May 4, 2010 in Books
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Set in the near future, Idlewild, MI is home to the Idlewild IVR Medical Academy.  Ten kids of affluent parents are plugged into a virtual reality environment that acts as a boarding school.  Getting only Sundays unplugged and spent with their parents, these ten kids have grown up together in the IVR being taught by a computer simulation of a man resembling the dean of the school, and each student being raised by a ‘nanny’ that each student has designed into whatever image they desire; Mary Poppins being one, Darwin being another.

When weird events start happening, the students start investigating, against the advice of the computer simulations.  Possible murder? Attempted murder? Even changes to the computer simulations.  Something is going on and Gabriel (aka Halloween) needs to figure out what’s happening. A Matrix meets Outbreak crossover, life is about to get very hard for these 18-year-olds when they awaken a few years before they are meant to.  What do they awaken to?  For that answer, you will have to read Idlewild, too.

Nick Sagan has created a story with multiple levels and various twists making Idlewild a great novel. Mystery. Action. Science. And even a kiss. I listened to this on a road trip, and what a great way to pass the drive.


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