“In Xanth, with magic, anything could happen, and usually did.” – Heaven Cent

Posted: April 29, 2010 in Books
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In my pre-teen years, when I began making reading choices for myself, I found, in the school library, several books by Piers Anthony.  I’m sure there were lots of great authors that could have brought me into the fantasy genre family, but Anthony was an ‘A’ and so was at the beginning of the section.  I ate those novels up.  I couldn’t get enough.  He was funny, on levels that I didn’t even understand at the time.  He was creative.  And every story had a moral, which a pre- and young-teen always needs.  I continued to read Piers Anthony’s Xanth novels into my teenage years but then began to grow out of them.  I moved on to other authors. Other genres.

A few weeks ago I stumbled across “Heaven Cent” in a bargain bin and just stood there holding it and grinning.  So I got it and read it.  As an adult reading another Xanth novel, I am able to appreciate even more of the humor, the puns, and Anthony’s use of allegory throughout.  I found myself grinning and wondering what it would be like to reread all of those Xanth books I read growing up.

Xanth novels don’t have to be read in sequence, each gives you enough history pertinent to that particular story.  So even after not having picked up a Piers Anthony book in nearly 15 years it was as if I had never left the mysteriously magical land of Xanth.  With titles such as “Night Mare”, “Isle of View” (sounding like I love you, causing great confusion throughout many stories), and “Faun and Games”, it’s apparent what the reader is in for. And “Heaven Cent” is no different.

  1. KDawg says:

    I am exactly you, reading this post… I read countless Piers Anthony books in my tweens, and am curious, now, to read them again from a more mature perspective. Will report back to you soon.

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