“He finally exists for real.” – Star Wars: Legacy of the Force – Betrayal

Posted: April 28, 2010 in Books
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Betrayal by Aaron Allston is the first in the Star Wars: Legacy of the Force series.  Taking place 10 years after the Yuuzhan Vong war, Corellia is declaring its independence from the Galactic Alliance with Thrackan Sal-Solo as their Chief of State.  With the reactivation of Centerpoint Station, the Jedi send Jacen Solo and Ben Skywalker to disable it while botching several attempts on Corellia to subdue the rebellion.  Following an attack on the participants of peace talks, Jacen is led to a woman who appears to have answers that he has been searching for; deeper questions than assassination attempts.  When it is revealed that she is a student of the Sith Jacen decides to listen to what she has to say stating “I’m not wavering. I’m just curious about some of her arguments.”  But he does waver, and Luke can feel it.  It is also revealed that for one to become a true Master of the Force a body must be mostly organic; therefore Darth Vader could never have become a true Sith Master.

A blasé episode in the Star Wars saga, the author presents the characters in a cold and static light, leaving me on the outside of the action with no emotional investment to.  I find it difficult to believe the Jedi would be so rash and callus in their operations.  And that Luke would not push to investigate deeper into Jacen’s actions.


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