“To love again, that is why we do this.” – The Gathering Storm

Posted: April 22, 2010 in Books
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The Gathering StormWheel of Time, better known as WoT to fans; the greatest epic ever to be undertaken… in my humble opinion. Then, after 11 books, and many years of living the experiences of Rand becoming the Dragon Reborn; Egwene becoming the strongest Aes Sedai since the breaking; Nynaeve breaking through the stone heart of Lan; Mat growing up; and Perrin becoming a wolf brother, the great Robert Jordan passed away.

With a phone call from Harriet McDougal to Brandon Sanderson, the epic was continued and The Gathering Storm was released.

My favorite book in the Wheel of Time series is the first book, Eye of the World. But The Gathering Storm is a VERY close second. Following mostly Rand and Egwene, Brandon Sanderson has done an incredible of job of pulling together Robert Jordan’s notes following his passing.

I cried several times throughout. In pride at the strong woman Egwene has become, and in sorrow at what has become of the young and innocent Rand from Emond’s Field.

I’ve read this entire series several times over the years, and am so proud of how Brandon has brought us back to the original feel that the WoT series had at the beginning; that passion has returned to the pages. The colors are brighter and the pain deeper.


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